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Martin Freeman Does Not Want to be Your Friend | http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0„20809605,00.html

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My poor, lost boys.
Endeavour | Neverland


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Martin Freeman Does Not Want to be Your Friend [X]


Martin Freeman Does Not Want to be Your Friend [X]


The great thing in the Morseverse: even if you really piss of your DI by lying/ignoring his orders/simply loosing your temper. He will still drop everything to save your life.


Bella Ciao.

Endeavour 2x03, “Sway” (2014)



HEY HEY HEY HEYYYYYYYY MY FAVORITE QUEER DRUNK ASSHOLE POET TURNED 450 TODAY (and let me tell you, there is a lot of competition for the title “favorite queer drunk asshole poet”)

BUT as we all know, there is some controversy over who ACTUALLY wrote shakespeare’s plays!

so in order to mark this SERIOUS and LEGITIMATE issue, i have compiled the most likely theories in this comprehensive list:

  • in julius caesar, cassius says, “this is my birthday; on this very day cassius was born.” on that same day, cassius DIES. guess who else was not only born on april 23, but died april 23?? that’s right, shakespeare. english playwright? or ancient roman ghost bent on revenge? YOU BE THE JUDGE.
  • shakespeare married a woman called anne hathaway. BATMAN ALSO MARRIED ANNE HATHAWAY. have you ever seen shakespeare and batman in the same place at the same time??????
  • lived in london? totally encountered prostitutes several times? probably spoke english? william shakespeare……. or JACK THE RIPPER
  • uh, excuse me, an uneducated glovemaker’s son couldn’t possibly have written the 38 works of art attributed to shakespeare. please consider instead this picture of a cat pushing another cat in a shopping cart. you’re welcome.
  • ””“”“”“”“”“president obama????”“”“”“”“” more like PRESIDENT WILLIAMSHAKESPOBAMA. wake UP, america
  • aliens.

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little ringed plover mama and her babies.


Lewis Re-Watch • One gifset per episode

S02E01 - And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea







This is the most perfect video on the whole fricked up internet and we all owe it to ourselves to watch it once a day

cutest thing to ever happen on the Muppet Show, bar none

I’m not crying you’re crying


This just made my day

If Rowlf isn’t your favorite Muppet we need to talk.

Your affection for a television programme can sometimes boil down to the smallest things. I’ve fallen for Endeavour over the last four weeks, a classy bit of Sunday-night escapism that, on paper, had some prejudices to overcome. It’s a spin-off for one thing, which always feels a little indolent as a commission. It’s also two hours long, which needn’t be a defect in a drama, but does put quite a high premium on it having some compensatory virtues. And it’s a period piece, which raises the danger that a Bakelite telephone or a vintage Vauxhall Cresta will used as a substitute for the kind of qualities you can’t simply hire from a prop house. But Endeavour has risen above all these disadvantages, largely because in Russell Lewis’s hands it knows when to stop.

Take Proverbs 26:11 as an illustrative text. The biblical text came up when Morse was called back north by his sister to visit his ailing father, an undemonstrative log of a man who chided him for making a fuss. “Proverbs 26:11,” she explained, was what Morse’s father had muttered when he learned that his son had returned to Oxford as a policeman. And the attractive thing about that scene was that she didn’t explain it further to Endeavour and the drama didn’t explain it further to us. There was a kind of clue, to bridge the gap for those who didn’t know. Morse implicitly paraphrased it as “returning to the scene of the crime.” But to get that it was the verse about a fool returning to his folly “as a dog returneth to his vomit,” you either had to know, or go and look it up.

The restraint made that moment far more believable than it might otherwise have been, the kind of modest opacity that real life is full of, but television dramas often like to tidy out of the way, for fear that an audience will take umbrage at being presented with anything less than utter transparency. And it feels there’s an analogy in that withholding for the careful underplaying of Shaun Evans as the young Morse. The visit home to his father rounded out the character a little more; that taciturnity is inherited, you suddenly see, and Morse’s relationship with Roger Allam’s bluffly paternal DI takes on a new aspect. But everything is done with virtually nothing on show. In a very touching moment at the end of last night’s episode, Evans conveyed Morse’s confused emotions at the death of his father with nothing more than a stricken fussing with his hands, gestures half completed and then cancelled. That was worth 20 minutes of gun-play.

In Russell Lewis, Endeavour has a writer who knows when to stop. (via fuckyeahmurdermysteries)

Ian McKellen and Judi Dench. #BOOM


Ian McKellen and Judi Dench. #BOOM


I want this on my head.

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