what's past is prologue
curiosity never killed anything except a few hours
it was lying around the web

The Hawk, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia: Home (or way station) to thousands of migrating and/or nesting birds if you’re there at the right time of year (which we weren’t), the “drowned forest” if you’re there at low tide (which we were), and the tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia if you’re there at any time.

Day One of travels with my sister, who lives in Nova Scotia, so of course I dragged her 160 kilometres out of her way to the southernmost tip of the province, which she’s never been to before (because that’s what out-of-town guests are for). Today, I’m picking blackberries at her in-laws’ house while they’re off with the carnival in New Brunswick and she has to work (because that’s also what out-of-town guests are for).

  1. constantlyfreemaned said: I live it Nova Scotia! It’s a lovely area!
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