When we shot the scene we shot it in its entirety; so that every time we did it, we shot the scene from beginning to end. It’s about a 13-minute scene. We just played it all the way through. It was a really cool way of shooting it.

Andy Serkis, on filming ‘Riddles in the Dark’ with Martin Freeman [x]

So, when Ants Farrell (in the third video blog) said watching that scene being filmed was “like watching a play,” he wasn’t kidding. It must have been amazing.

Ask and you shall receive




Dear Peter Jackson,

Please make the clips of Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis rehearsing this scene the subject of your next “behind the scenes” video release. Or, failing that, I expect to see them prominently featured on the DVD.


Um…you were saying?

Is there anything else you’d like to request while you’re at it? Because, clearly, Peter loves you.