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I came home last night to find my dash covered in “rest of the world” gifs and his expression alone put me off even bothering to watch the trailer. Having since seen it, I only *hope* disdainful is what he was aiming for.

To me, it certainly sounds like it…that’s the tone of voice he normally uses with Anderson or Lestrade, not John.

Anyway, if you just look at the words, I can completely see why the Beeb chose it for their trailer…they want to create an atmosphere of thrilling adventure and derring-do, and Sherlock’s *words* certainly do that. But for me, his *tone* totally undercuts that vibe. Same with the bromance…to my ears, it’s not an invitation; it’s an accusation.

You’ve officially nailed the exact feeling I was getting, even from just the gifs, but couldn’t quite pin down enough to articulate.

To be honest, I think Sherlock’s unbecoming tone completely undercutting the aren’t-we-a-proper-summer-blockbuster pitch of his words is actually more in character for him than trying to woo John in earnest with heartfelt promises of adventure and bromance—so, in that sense, I don’t have a problem with it.

It’s just that I began to feel that Sherlock’s “annoying dick” aspect was bordering on Flanderization in the last series—with John’s abiding affection for him to be taken as fact, while almost any understanding of it is contingent upon having seen Series 1—and I was really hoping they’d dial that back a bit in Series 3. Instead, mocking/disdainful/goading/spiteful/”shit-fit” Sherlock, the Sherlock I’m most weary of, is front and centre in the promo.

And I know that doesn’t mean they haven’t dialed it back in the series on the whole. It is but a brief promo and, as you said, it’s understandable that the Beeb would lock onto those words, regardless of how they’re delivered, and it’s possible the scene will end on a different note entirely; but it’s disappointing, all the same. I’d have rather had a promo that didn’t lead to paragraphs like this one, y’know?


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~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Sherlock ‘TV series filming, Goldney House, Bristol, Britain, on 22 April, 2013

Y’know, I’ve been embracing spoilerhood like a long lost lover over here this year, and I lay claim to no regrets. None whatsoever. But, god help me, I might actually have to proceed with some measure of actual caution from here on out. I might, in fact, have such a thing as a “spoiler limit.” 

At the very least, I have to ask myself: Do you really want to see her dress before the wedding?