Mama, you awake? Oh, I hate to wake you up but daddy said breakfast in ten minutes, which probably means fifteen. Mama? I’m gonna put your coffee down here and you can have it when you’re ready, okay? Mama, why don’t you go ahead and get up now and we’ll talk.


And there I was thinking maybe they shouldn’t have gone for the throat the way they did back when Kitty died, because wouldn’t it be a shame if they couldn’t match that with Brenda’s own mother.

And then Brenda starting screaming for Fritz and I was still shaking ten minutes later. Jesus god, that was devastating. (And, in the clear light of day, a little amazing, too.)


Day 18 - Favorite Brenda/Cat Moment || Introduction of Joel in 5X13 “The Life”

It was a toss-up between the introduction of Joel, the “smooshy-smoosh” scene and “what are you dooooing?”—and since I already gif’d the other two, I went with this. Because look how fucking cute it is. Seriously, look at it. I’m not even going to attempt to be coherent while writing this, because it’s a Kyra + kitten scene and there are just no actual words. There are only flails and squees and grabby hands and awwwwww. Here’s everything I love about the scene(s) in list form, since brain function has ceased and I don’t want to write real sentences:

1) Fritz sneaking around with Joel inside the box. He’s trying to be all stealthy and he’s like a little cartoon character when he goes scurrying into the kitchen. Makes me giggle. And Brenda hawking toothpaste into the sink just amuses me. Normally I’d be thoroughly grossed out by that, but apparently nothing is off limits for me when it’s Kyra. Seriously, I hate when people lick their fingers to turn a pages and stuff—really? did I ask for your saliva?—but every time she does it, it’s like the cutest thing ever. Anyway, I’m betting Kyra threw in the toothpaste thing just to be gross and funny, and that just makes it even better. 2) Brenda’s excitement over the nonexistent doughnuts. Her face when she claps and says, “Ooh, doughnuts!” is adorable. And then she literally starts searching for the doughnuts and asking about them a second later, and it’s just… I can’t. Precious, precious baby. Bonus: Fritz’s reaction to her completely ignoring him and the box on the table and only thinking about the damn doughnuts. Heeee! 3) Fritz sticking his hand in the box and getting scratched. LMAO. He’s trying to be all suave and then his face does this thing where it looks like his leg is being gnawed off by a great white shark, and I laugh every damn time. 4) Brenda’s reaction to Joel. I love how it’s the complete opposite of what it should be. She’s so horrified, and the way she asks, “What is that?!” And Fritz’s utter chagrin at every single one of her comments makes it even better. Jon and Kyra have some great back-and-forths, man. And the way Brenda backs up when Fritz walks towards her with Joel. She gets up in the faces of some of the worst criminals imaginable, but she cowers from the cutest damn kitten on the planet. HA! 5) AWWwwwwakgjldgk;lkgdj, Joel looks so itty bitty in Fritz’s big ol’ hands. I love how he’s not at all interested in what Fritz is saying to him. And the look on Jon’s face when he’s looking at that kitten is priceless. See, this is why I can’t dislike Fritz. Jon is just too likable. 6) Brenda’s lips when she says “Joel.” I love it. Kyra, sweetie, your lips are fucking ridiculous. Now put them on my lips. The way she pronounces it is funny too. As always, I’m super impressed with Kyra’s ability to do an accent, ‘cause that was spot-on. 7) The fact that she’s criticizing the name Joel for a cat when she called her cat Kitty and named a Christmas tree angel Keith. Omg, Brenda, I love you. 8) The scene with the fence falling apart when Brenda opens the gate is immediately after the kitten scene, and I laugh like a damn fool every time I see it. Between her little “oh!” of surprise, which I’m pretty sure is a Kyra trademark, and the “for heaven sakes!” and the way she just seems so offended that the fence would do that… hee! It’s such a “Brenda, your Kyra is showing” moment, it kind of makes me wonder if it was a blooper that they just decided to keep.

Ok, and I know it was supposed to be one scene, but whatever. I love the final scene of the episode. It’s such a nice little bookend for the beginning. And the whole thing is priceless, with Brenda giving Fritz the half-eaten box of chocolates. The look on her face when she slides it across the couch, even though she knows what he’s going to find when he opens it? And he’s got that knowing, lopsided little grin, because his plan worked and Brenda fell in love with the cat, but then he opens the box and his face just falls? Bwahahaha. The guy can’t win for losing with her, and I love that. And I can’t help it, I find him really charming in this scene as well. It’s sweet how he just holds Brenda and kisses the top of her head. And her voice when she says she had a really hard day. Awww. Oh, but I love it when she calls Joel a her, and Fritz is like, “Oh my God, it’s a him!” I know the feels, Fritz. It drives me crazy when people do that, so I love that little on-going battle between them and how Brenda just ignores it and says whatever the hell she wants. She really couldn’t care less about anything he says or does in this scene, which amuses me to no end. I love it when she’s in her own world. And I love the way she strokes Joel’s head with just that one fingertip.

Gah. Fuck it, I LOVE ALL THE THINGS. The end.

I love that Joel is played by three brothers - shelter kitties, adopted just for the role - whose real names are Pope, Taylor and Fritz. ♥