what's past is prologue
curiosity never killed anything except a few hours
it was lying around the web


— You’re the pathologist, I presume.
— Better hope so, hadn’t you? Otherwise I’m making one hell of a mess of your scene of crime.


Richard: For those who have passed into the veil of darkness; travel safe, travel safe, travel safe. My name is Richard, I am from London, England. I would like to give thanks on behalf of everyone here as visitors, for this ceremony, for this celebration, for the blessing of the sound stage, and for the welcome that you offered to us. We’re all deeply honored to be here. And to everyone, who has waited so long for this day to begin this extraordinary journey filming The Hobbit, I would like to wish them good luck, good health, and good harmony. And Martin would like to say something.

Martin: Thank you. My name is Martin Freeman, I’m in the cast as well. Uh… he stole everything I was about to say in Maori.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I promise I’m going to bed soon.

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